Central European public administration review
Srednjeevropska revija za javno upravo

  1. 2018

    številka: 1 (2018)
    številka: 2 (2018)
    Competition authority in a trap? (številka: 1, 2018)
    EU-compatible state measures and member states interests in public services (številka: 1, 2018)
    Impact of active labour market policy programs on employment in the EU during the crisis (številka: 1, 2018)
    An examination and evaluation of multi-level governance during migration crisis (številka: 1, 2018)
    Legal remedies in asylum and immigration law (številka: 1, 2018)
    Report from the International Workshop on the Role of Public Administration in Public Policies' Design & 15th Anniversary of the Central European Public Administration Review (številka: 1, 2018)
    Some thoughts on the administration of the regional development in the member states of the EU - In the light of the role of the municipal bodies (številka: 1, 2018)
    Tax secrecy and its limitations (številka: 1, 2018)
    Development of tax procedural law and sectoral case law in selected countries (številka: 1, 2018)
    New approaches to the right to be heard in relation to the application of alternatives to administrative sanctions (številka: 1, 2018)
    Open government, social media and Western Balkan countries (številka: 2, 2018)
    The service of documents in administrative procedural law (številka: 2, 2018)
    Analysis of taxation of property in Bosnia and Herzegovina (številka: 2, 2018)
    The analysis of e-government services adoption and use in Slovenian information society between 2014 and 2017 (številka: 2, 2018)
    Making transparency work (številka: 2, 2018)
    Consumer online dispute resolution (ODR) (številka: 2, 2018)
    The (draft) European Charter of the Commons (številka: 2, 2018)
    The impact of the public procurement control system on the Hungarian public administration (številka: 2, 2018)
    The use of Facebook in the Slovenian local self-government (številka: 2, 2018)
    Can top down participatory budgeting work? (številka: 2, 2018)
  2. 2019

    številka: 1 (2019)
    številka: 2 (2019)
    Conflict of interest (številka: 1, 2019)
    Financial position and sustainability of associations in Croatia (številka: 1, 2019)
    Current tendencies of judicial review as reflected in the new Hungarian Code of Administrative court procedure (številka: 1, 2019)
    Role of the human rights ombudsman in ensuring good administration in Slovenia (številka: 1, 2019)
    Effectiveness of judicial protection against administrative silence in the Czech Republic (številka: 1, 2019)
    Multiplication of negative scenarios (številka: 1, 2019)
    A comparative research on municipal voluntary tasks of three Hungarian and Slovenian municipalities (številka: 1, 2019)
    Cost management at higher education institutions (številka: 1, 2019)
    The potential capacity of hamlets (številka: 1, 2019)
    The impact of transparency on the citizen participation in decision-making at the municipal level in Romania (številka: 1, 2019)
    Determinants of online local budget transparency in Croatia and Slovenia (številka: 2, 2019)
    Promise and practice of the principle of equal access to information in the Danish local administration (številka: 2, 2019)
    Impact of the rule of law as a fundamental public governance principle on administrative law Interpretation in the Czech republic (številka: 2, 2019)
    The principle of transparency in the Ukrainian cecentralisation reform (številka: 2, 2019)
    Inclusion by co-production of social housing (številka: 2, 2019)
    Local self-governments in Hungary (številka: 2, 2019)
    Public sector reform from the post-new public management perspective (številka: 2, 2019)
    Intensity of judicial review of the European Central banks's supervisory decisions (številka: 2, 2019)
    Effectiveness and efficiency of administrative appeal procedures (številka: 2, 2019)
    Social responsibility and consensus orientation in public governance (številka: 2, 2019)
  3. 2020

    številka: 1 (2020)
    številka: 2 (2020)
    Judicial review of administrative action at national level under the EU charter of fundamental rights and general principles of EU law (številka: 1, 2020)
    The "silent guardians" in the fight against corruption (številka: 1, 2020)
    Understanding differences between equal public governance models (številka: 1, 2020)
    Public administration reform in Bulgaria (številka: 1, 2020)
    Arbitration in administrative affairs (številka: 1, 2020)
    Access to the highest administrative courts (številka: 1, 2020)
    The role of public governance practices for business R&D activity in the EU (številka: 1, 2020)
    The Ne Bis In Idem principle in tax law (številka: 1, 2020)
    Efficiency of medical laboratories after quality standard introduction (številka: 1, 2020)
    The EU's consular protection policy from the administrative law perspective (številka: 1, 2020)
    The measurement model of professional operation of state administration (številka: 2, 2020)
    Impact of fiscal policies on Western Balkan SMEs' growth (številka: 2, 2020)
    Formation of territorial community as a subject of local development (številka: 2, 2020)
    The current discussion on Austrian family benefits - indicating a major dissensus on the interpretation of EU law (številka: 2, 2020)
    Form over substance (številka: 2, 2020)
    Public administration reform over time (številka: 2, 2020)
    Talent management in the public sector (številka: 2, 2020)
    Regulating the urban commons (številka: 2, 2020)
    Is VAT administration system efficient? (številka: 2, 2020)
  4. 2021

    številka: 1 (2021)
    številka: 2 (2021)
    Urban immunity against the pandemic within the framework of public administration, city and citizens (številka: 1, 2021)
    Legal certainty - protected values and partial objectives: The case of the Czech Republic (številka: 1, 2021)
    Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the regulation to tourism in the Czech Republic (številka: 1, 2021)
    Gender differences in implementing organizational change in Romania's central public administration (številka: 1, 2021)
    Predictions of state and county top civil servants regarding the abolition of county state administration offices: two sides of the same coin? (številka: 1, 2021)
    The psychosocial impact of the Romanian government measures on the population during the COVID-19 pandemic (številka: 1, 2021)
    Collaborative governance challenges of the COVID-19 pandemics: Czech Republic and Slovakia (številka: 1, 2021)
    Working in public administration during nonwork time during the COVID-19 pandemic (številka: 1, 2021)
    E-government effectiveness and efficiency in EU-28 and COVID-19 (številka: 1, 2021)
    Centralization and reduced financial resources: A worrying picture for Hungarian municipalities (številka: 1, 2021)
    Remarks on the reasoning: The morals of a Hungarian expulsion decision in times of pandemic (številka: 1, 2021)
    Public administration's adaptation to COVID-19 pandemic - Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak experience (številka: 1, 2021)
    The right to a fair trial under article 6 ECHR during the COVID-19 pandemic (številka: 2, 2021)
    What factors influence the survival of subsidised start-ups for the unemployed in Slovakia? (številka: 2, 2021)
    Career motivation in the process of state regulation of youth employment (številka: 2, 2021)
    Citizens' attitudes towards local services accountability and transparency - the case of the Sarajevo Canton (številka: 2, 2021)
    The financial aspect of non-governmental organizations - case of Slovenia (številka: 2, 2021)
    Transition to circular economy and management of public services of general economic interest (številka: 2, 2021)
    Consolidating back office with a shared-services center (številka: 2, 2021)
  5. 2022

    številka: 1 (2022)
    številka: 2 (2022)
    Work during non-work time of public employees (številka: 1, 2022)
    Command, control and co-creation (številka: 1, 2022)
    Government Responses to COVID-19 (številka: 1, 2022)
    Local policies in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic (številka: 1, 2022)
    Social aspects of democratic safeguards in privacy rights (številka: 1, 2022)
    National development banks in Europe – a contribution to sustainable finance (številka: 1, 2022)
    Is the European Charter of Local Self-Government an effective instrument for the protection of local autonomy in Poland? (številka: 2, 2022)
    Improving budget transparency to achieve effective and sustainable governance (številka: 2, 2022)
    20 let – vstop v odraslost (številka: 2, 2022)
    A literature review of the factors affecting the compliance costs of environmental regulation and companies’ productivity (številka: 2, 2022)
    Advances in transparency and right to access information in the Czech Republic - evolution of the interpretation of contested statutory provisions (številka: 2, 2022)
    The impact of digitalization on public administration, economic development, and well-being in the EU countries (številka: 2, 2022)
    Simplification and electronisation of administrative procedure in the Visegrad Group countries - a sociological and legal approach (številka: 2, 2022)
    The centrality of prosocial values in work motivation among public and private sector employees (številka: 2, 2022)
    Editorial (številka: 2, 2022)
    Amalgamation and local finance (številka: 2, 2022)
  6. 2023