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Happiness is Books
A four-leaf clover was found in Jurij Japelj ‘s Catechism published in 1789. According to popular superstition, a four-leaf clover kept between a book’s covers, brings happiness and success. During the pre-festive days, we are sharing our good luck, letting you know that happiness and success are undoubtedly hiding it in the books.
With a poem by Srečko Kosovel we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017 hopping it would be enriched with a wealth of new knowledge and a great success!
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New dLib
The Digital Library of Slovenia has launched a newly redesigned website with the aim to provide an easier access to everyone. It is important to offer numerous and diverse ways of access. You may type the material you are looking for in the search bar, or you can explore the following six categories: books, periodicals, manuscripts, pictures, music and maps. There will be more thematic collections as well, so the most interesting material would make a meaningful whole, and present a material with a comprehensive story on material.
The renewed page visually follows current tendencies; its goal is to be optimally available on all electronic devices, also on mobiles.
As your opinion is important to us, you can contact us by the following e-mail address

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