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Tori generation in the Zasavje region - history of Trbovlje through the eyes of a member of the Tori family
"... For a moment, I see and hear the then inhabitants of Trbovlje ... even nowadays I start to cry or laugh ... but all these clouds of memories remain always on the azure blue sky of youth ..."
It is a quotation from the book written by Savo Tory. He was born in Trbovlje, Zasavje region in Slovenia, in 1919. His career took him to Australia; after retirement he used to spend a few months a year in Sydney, some months in Washington and some on Majorca. However, he found time to explore the history of his family. He presented it in a beautiful and vigorous Slovenian language – the book entitled Rod Torijevih v Zasavju (The Tori family in the Zasavje region) is now available on the portal.
Our story, Our history
Slovenes living in Canada have been publishing the Our Story periodical in order to preserve the Slovenian language, culture and history alive. Issues of the Our Story or our history magazine published in 2011, 2012 and 2013 are now available also on the dLib.si portal.
Digitized slovenian national community and interwar journals
The National and University Library has digitized some journals that were published
on the Slovenian territory and cross-border regions inhabited by the Slovenian minority during the World War II. On the dLib.si portal could be read:
Goriški list (journal of Gorizia), Ljubljanska mladina (Ljubljana youth) and Nova doba (New era).

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