When the Dead teach the Living - History of Anatomy

Following the chronological order of their creation, the collection presents some of the influential and interesting historical works from the field of anatomy that were displayed at the National and University Library of Slovenia’s exhibition "When the Dead Teach the Living” in 2015. Scientific studies, manuals, anatomical atlases and other materials represent the development of anatomy from the first known systematic attempts to discover the structure and functioning of the human body until the 20th century. The materials presented are kept at the National and University Library of Slovenia, the Seminary Library, the Library of the Institute for the History of Medicine, the Institute of Anatomy of the Medical Faculty of University of Ljubljana and in private collections. Authors of the works are many world-famous and renowned names such as Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna, Mesue, Vesalius, Bartholin, Evstahius, Hunter and Zinn, and two local authors - Alojzij Homan and Janez Plečnik who significantly contributed to the development of the Slovenian anatomy.
Numerous handwritten notes and supplements on front pages and on the edge of the texts of the exhibited books bear witness to strong interest in medicine and anatomy on today's Slovenian territory throughout history. Many of the books presented were once owned by mportant individuals and institutions.

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