Josip Jurčič
Josip Jurčič is one of the ground-breaking authors in Slovenian literature. His novel The Tenth Brother is considered to be the first original novel in our cultural space. He wrote the novel so that Slovenes could enjoy creativity comparable to that of other rich artistic traditions. He drew on our own history and told stories about ordinary people.
He started publishing very early, namely, at the age of seventeen while still in high school (The Tale of the White Snake). By far the most frequently translated work of this shrewd writer, namely, The Famous Goat Trial, captures readers with its lucid humour even today. He was our first professional journalist and editor. He left his biggest mark on the newspapers Slovenian Nation and Sudslawische Zeitung (which was published in Sisak). As his attempt to establish his own newspaper failed because he was of modest financial means, only one issue of Glasnik was published in 1869.
In addition to Jurčič's printed works, the Manuscript Collection of the National and University Library also keeps his personal documents, manuscripts, correspondence with several famous people as well as some editorial and ephemeral material.

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