Goodbye, Master Muster!

Miki Muster, the most esteemed Slovenian cartoonist, has died.

Numerous generations grew up with his comic books - his works marked the visual image of a certain time.

In the fifties of the last century, the Tedenska tribuna newspaper published his famous Zvitorepec comic strip; it is available also in NUK.
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Cultural and Natural Heritage of Places along Rivers Kolpa and Čabranka
Beautiful and mysterious places along the Kolpa and Čabranka rivers have been home of Slovenian people for centuries. In his books, Marko Smole is preserving rich cultural and natural heritage of the region on both sides of the border. In the border village of Plešce in Croatia, he maintains the Palčava šiša grange, a cultural monument, a private home, and at the same time, a publicly accessible museum collection. He is the initiator of listing local speeches in the register of intangible heritage in both countries, and he encourages integration of cultural heritage into development projects. He also promoters linking of cultural with natural heritage and cross-border cultural, research and tourism integration.
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