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Togo: izgradnja radiotelegrafske postaje v Kamini

Barona Codellija je avstrijska vojna mornarica zaradi njegovih izumov na področju elektrotehnike določila za graditelja radijskega oddajnika za zvezo med ladjami na Jadranu in Dunajem. Radijski oddajnik je bil postavljen v tedanji realki na Vegovi ulici v Ljubljani.  več
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Digitalna zakladnica
Cerkovna ordninga (Church order) on exhibition
You are invited to visit NUK and take a closer look at the original Cerkovna ordninga (Church Order). The author of the exhibition is Dr. Kozma Ahačič, Assistant professor.
The digitized copy of the Cerkovna Ordninga (done in the Memmingen city Archives) is available here.
The Varstvoslovje journal
The Maribor Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security publishes the scientific journal Varstvoslovje (security science) four times a year; the publishing is co-financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). The magazine publishes interdisciplinary articles and exchanges of findings referring to security, or different aspects and perspectives on security issues. The journal contributes to a deeper understanding of the role and functioning of community, organisations and individuals, ensuring security.
School reports kept in the National and university library
The Library Special Collection also stores Annual reports of educational institutions (mainly grammar schools, secondary schools and universities) that operated in the past on the Slovenian territory. Some of them date back into the 18th century, while others are from the 20th century. Undoubtedly, they are a unique source for researching the development and changes of educational institutions on the Slovenian region.
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