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Togo: izgradnja radiotelegrafske postaje v Kamini

Barona Codellija je avstrijska vojna mornarica zaradi njegovih izumov na področju elektrotehnike določila za graditelja radijskega oddajnika za zvezo med ladjami na Jadranu in Dunajem. Radijski oddajnik je bil postavljen v tedanji realki na Vegovi ulici v Ljubljani.  več
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Digitalna zakladnica
Newspapers before World War I
Newspapers have always been a medium scrupulously describing society of their time. The Digital library portal offers you to explore treasures of history and its messages. There were many newspapers published during the years before the World War I. They wrote about people’s worries, priorities of a nation etc. Zadruga (1884-1887) wrote about economic issues, the first socialist ideas can be read in Rudar(1910-1914) that was actively engaged in fight for worker’s rights while Železničar (1908-1923) is important because of the exceptional importance of the railways. A powerful national consciousness can be found in all journals, like in widely-read Slovenski dom (1909-1914). You are invited to explore the past.

De musica disserenda
De musica disserenda is a musicological publication covering all areas of contemporary musicology - historical and systematic -, as well as interdisciplinary discussions relating to music. The dlib.si portal offers you to read articles published from 2011 to 2013.
Slovenščina 2.0
Slovenščina 2.0: empirical, applied and interdisciplinary researches is an online linguistic journal of the Trojina Institute for Applied Slovene Studies. As a scientific journal, Slovenščina 2.0 gathers information and technology experts and linguists; its goal is to fill the gap between theoretical and interdisciplinary, mainly language-technological researches of the modern Slovene language. The journal was founded in 2004, the main reason were exciting developments in the fields of language digitalization, digital humanities, modern language resources, technologies and their role in researches. The Digital Library of Slovenia welcomes such efforts being important for the profession.
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