Documenta Praehistorica

  1. 1998

    Uvodnik (številka: 5, 1998)
    Einkorn wheat domestication site mapped by DNA fingerprinting (številka: 5, 1998)
    A comparative outline of the Early Neolithic cultures in China and in the Near East (številka: 5, 1998)
    On the problem of the Anatolian-Balkan relations during the Early Neolithic in Thrace (številka: 5, 1998)
    Neolithic sequence: the upper Stryama valley in western Thrace (with an appendix: radiocarbon dating of the Balkan Neolithic) (številka: 5, 1998)
    Fish, faces and fingers: presences and symbolic identities in the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the Carpathian basin (številka: 5, 1998)
    Slighting the sea: stable isotope evidence for the transition to farming in northwestern Europe (številka: 5, 1998)
    The Circumpontic cultural zone during the 6th millennium BC (številka: 5, 1998)
    Searching for the Early Neolithic in China (številka: 5, 1998)
    New observations on Paleolithic in China reflected by three sites (številka: 5, 1998)
    The socio-economic structure of Prehistoric communities in the Southern Levant, ca. 13 000-8000 BP (številka: 5, 1998)
    Ältestbandkeramische Kultur, La Hoguette, Limburg, and ... What else? - Contemplating the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in southern (številka: 5, 1998)
    Çatalhöyük, Turkey: a summary of some recent results (številka: 5, 1998)
    The northern periphery of the Early Neolithic Starčevo culture in south-western Hungary: a case study of an excavation at Lake Balaton (številka: 5, 1998)
    New achievements in the study on the transitional period from the Palaeolithicto the Neolithic in China (številka: 5, 1998)
    Clay tokens - accounting before writing in Eurasia (številka: 25, 1998)
  2. 1999

  3. 2000

  4. 2001

  5. 2002

  6. 2003

  7. 2004

  8. 2005

    The challenge of the abstract mind (številka: 32, 2005)
    Ambiguous symbols (številka: 32, 2005)
    The process of Neolithisation in South-eastern Europe (številka: 32, 2005)
    Symbolic behaviour at places of social activity beyond the domestic area in the Ionian neolithic (številka: 32, 2005)
    The ethnography of the Cyclops (številka: 32, 2005)
    Miniature vessels from the Neolithic site at Čatež-Sredno polje (številka: 32, 2005)
    Mesolithic-neolithic contacts as reflected in ritual finds (številka: 32, 2005)
    The language of symbols in prehistoric Anatolia (številka: 32, 2005)
    Settlement of the early linear ceramics culture at Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz site (številka: 32, 2005)
    Small anthropomorphic figurines in clay at Gipka neolithic settlements (številka: 32, 2005)
    New archeological data refering to Tartaria tablets (številka: 32, 2005)
    If the Vinča script once really existed who could have written or read it? (številka: 32, 2005)
    Pigeon-Raven and sperm whale, magical objects and domestic horned (številka: 32, 2005)
    Antropomorphic statuettes from Cucuteni-Tripolye (številka: 32, 2005)
    The transfer of symbols and meanings (številka: 32, 2005)
    Tracing symbols of life and symbols of death in neolithic archaeological contexts (številka: 32, 2005)
    Another aspect of figurine function (številka: 32, 2005)
    Homo habitus (številka: 32, 2005)
    Sexual symbolism in the Early Neolithic of the Southern Levant (številka: 32, 2005)
    The concept of "Neolithic package" (številka: 32, 2005)
    Semiotic approach to the features of the 'Danube Script' (številka: 32, 2005)
  9. 2006

    Y-chromosome haplogroup I prehistoric gene flow in Europe (številka: 33, 2006)
    Shamanic and/or cognitive evolution (številka: 33, 2006)
    The role of Southeastern Europe in origins and diffusion of major paternal lineages (številka: 33, 2006)
    The late glacial ancestry of Europeans (številka: 33, 2006)
    Gene-flows and social processes (številka: 33, 2006)
    Pushing it back (številka: 33, 2006)
    The domestication of human birth (številka: 33, 2006)
    The transition to farming and the ceramic trajectories in Western Eurasia (številka: 33, 2006)
    Eastern, central and western Hungary - variations of neolithisation models (številka: 33, 2006)
    Early Neolithic jar burials in southeast Europe (številka: 33, 2006)
    Light at the end of the tunnel (številka: 33, 2006)
    Further notes on mesolithic-neolithic contacts in the Iron gates region and the central Balkans (številka: 33, 2006)
    Clash of cultures? (številka: 33, 2006)
    The spread of farming in the Eastern Adriatic (številka: 33, 2006)
    Violence in the mesolithic (številka: 33, 2006)
    Transformations in east-central Europe from 6000 to 3000 BC (številka: 33, 2006)
    Neolithic skull shapes and demic diffusion (številka: 33, 2006)
    Neolithisation in southwest Asia - the path to modernity (številka: 33, 2006)
    Complex settlement and the landscape dynamic of the Iščica floodplain (Ljubljana Marshes, Slovenia) (številka: 33, 2006)
    Most recent investigation of peopling of Bosnia and Herzegovina (številka: 33, 2006)
    Red, black or white? (številka: 33, 2006)
    Spondylus and Glycymeris bracelets (številka: 33, 2006)
  10. 2007

    Middle and late holocene hunter-gatherers in East Central Europe (številka: 34, 2007)
    Early and middle neolithic figurines - the migration of religious belief (številka: 34, 2007)
    Is it goddess or bear? (številka: 34, 2007)
    Reassessing the concept of the "Neolithic" in the Jomon of Western Japan (številka: 34, 2007)
    The earliest neolithic complex in Siberia (številka: 34, 2007)
    A Pan-European model of the neolithic (številka: 34, 2007)
    Why were the Neolithic landscapes of Bela krajina and Ljubljana marshes regions of Slovenia so dissimilar? (številka: 34, 2007)
    Mesolithic heritage in early neolithic burial rituals and personal adornments (številka: 34, 2007)
    Unravelling ground stone life histories (številka: 34, 2007)
    The 8200 calBP "climate event" and the process of neolithisation in south-eastern Europe (številka: 34, 2007)
    When did the "Neolithic package" reach Lepenski vir? (številka: 34, 2007)
    The Grotta dei Cervi (številka: 34, 2007)
    Bridging the gap (številka: 34, 2007)
    The mesolithic at the Danube's Iron Gates (številka: 34, 2007)
    Jomon pottery: cord-imitating decoration (številka: 34, 2007)
    The Lengyel culture settlement in Bučany (številka: 34, 2007)
    Digging the Neolithic stamp-seals of SE Europe from archaeological deposits, texts and mental constructs (številka: 34, 2007)
    Phase and chemical composition analysis of pigments used in Cucuteni neolithic painted ceramics (številka: 34, 2007)
    Notes on some cultic aspects of Italian prehistory (številka: 34, 2007)
    Indo-Europeanization - the seven dimensions in the study of a never-ending process (številka: 34, 2007)
    Social aspects of the transition to farming in the Balkans (številka: 34, 2007)
    "Sheep are your mother" (številka: 34, 2007)
  11. 2008

    Archaeological research in Miercurea Sibiului - Petriş (Sibiu county, Romania) (številka: 35, 2008)
    Settlements, landscape and palaeoclimate dynamics on the Ižica floodplain of the Ljubljana Marshes (številka: 35, 2008)
    Spiral patterns on the neolithic pottery of East Asia and the Far East (številka: 35, 2008)
    Micro-regions of the Lepenski Vir cultur (številka: 35, 2008)
    The Stonehenge riverside project (številka: 35, 2008)
    Reassessing the mesolithic/neolithic "gap" in southeast European cave sequences (številka: 35, 2008)
    Colour, form, animals and deception in the ice age (številka: 35, 2008)
    Warfare in late neolithic\early chalcolithic Pisidia, southwestern Turkey (številka: 35, 2008)
    Towards an understanding of Early Neolithic populations (številka: 35, 2008)
    Cultural landscapes in the lower Danube area (številka: 35, 2008)
    Early herding practices revealed through organic residue analysis of pottery from the early Neolithic rock shelter of Mala Triglavca, Slovenia (številka: 35, 2008)
    Embodiment and visual reproduction in the neolithic (številka: 35, 2008)
    Phylogeography of Y chromosomal haplogroups as reporters of neolithic and post-neolithic population processes in the Mediterranean area (številka: 35, 2008)
    The catastrophic final flooding of Doggerland by the storegga slide tsunami (številka: 35, 2008)
    Imprints of the neolithic mind - clay stamps from the Republic of Macedonia (številka: 35, 2008)
    Holocene paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changes in Lake Balaton as inferred from a complex quantitative environmental historical study of a lacustrine sequence of the Szigliget embayment (številka: 35, 2008)
    Feasting and inter-village networks (številka: 35, 2008)
    Holocene paleoclimatic and paleohydrological changesin in the Sárrét basin, NW Hungary (številka: 35, 2008)
    Becoming neolithic (številka: 35, 2008)
    Vlasac revisited (številka: 35, 2008)
    Funerary rites in a neolithic nomad community in Southeastern Arabia (številka: 35, 2008)
    Communities, households and animals (številka: 35, 2008)
  12. 2009

    Some thoughts on social versus cultural complexity (številka: 36, 2009)
    Three successive waves of neolithisation (številka: 36, 2009)
    Demographic model of the neolithic transition in central Europe (številka: 36, 2009)
    Climate fluctuations and trajectories to complexity in the neolithic (številka: 36, 2009)
    Representing people, constituting worlds (številka: 36, 2009)
    Climate variations in the circum-Alpine region and their influence on neolithic-bronze age lacustrine communities (številka: 36, 2009)
    The relationship between early holocene climate change and neolithic settlement in central Anatolia, Turkey (številka: 36, 2009)
    The impact of rapid climate change on prehistoric societies during the holocene in the eastern Mediterranean (številka: 36, 2009)
    Geo-pedological and climatic impact on the distribution and organization of neolithic settlements in eastern Croatia (Western Syrmia) (številka: 36, 2009)
    Climate change and population dynamics during the late mesolithic and the neolithic transition in Iberia (številka: 36, 2009)
    The neolithization of northern Black sea area in the context of climate changes (številka: 36, 2009)
    The action of the masticatory muscles and cranial changes in pigs as results of domestication (številka: 36, 2009)
    Lithic raw material procurement in the Moravian neolithic (številka: 36, 2009)
    Neolithic/eneolithic settlement patterns and holocene environmental changes in Bela krajina (south-eastern Slovenia) (številka: 36, 2009)
    Palaeolithic art in Slovenia (številka: 36, 2009)
    Lithics in the neolithic of northern Greece (številka: 36, 2009)
    The mesolithic background for the neolithisation process (številka: 36, 2009)
    Implications of the role of southeastern Europe in the origins and diffusion of major Eurasian paternal lineages (številka: 36, 2009)
    The materiality of dung (številka: 36, 2009)
    Tradition and innovation between the mesolithic and aerly neolithic in the Adige valley (northeast Italy) (številka: 36, 2009)
    Early neolithic pottery dispersals and demic diffusion in southeastern Europe (številka: 36, 2009)
    Mesolithic cremations as elements of secondary mortuary rites at Vlasac (Serbia) (številka: 36, 2009)
  13. 2010

    Empty graves in LBK cemeteries - indications of special burial practises (številka: 37, 2010)
    Social and biophysical vulnerability of prehistoric societies to rapid climate change (številka: 37, 2010)
    Rituals and death cults in recent prehistory in central Portugal (Alto Ribatejo) (številka: 37, 2010)
    Monuments and monumentality (številka: 37, 2010)
    On the correlation of natural and cultural processes in the neolithic - Volga-Kamna area (številka: 37, 2010)
    Hamzan Tepe in the light of new finds (številka: 37, 2010)
    The story of the only (?) megalith grave on Gotland island (številka: 37, 2010)
    The neolithic-chalcolithic sequence in the SW Anatolian lakes region (številka: 37, 2010)
    Bodies, houses and gardens (številka: 37, 2010)
    Burial clothing in neolithic cemeteries of the Ukrainian steppe (številka: 37, 2010)
    Göbekli Tepe - the stone age sanctuaries (številka: 37, 2010)
    People, dogs and wild game (številka: 37, 2010)
    Mesolithic fish and fishermen of the lower Danube (Iron gates) (številka: 37, 2010)
    Pattern and diversity in the early neolithic mortuary practices of Britain and Ireland (številka: 37, 2010)
    (Un)usual neolithic and early eneolithic mortuary practices in the area of the north Carpathian basin (številka: 37, 2010)
    Early neolithic burials of Starčevo culture at Galovo, Slavonski Brod (northern Croatia) (številka: 37, 2010)
    In search of rituals and group dynamics (številka: 37, 2010)
    Dance in prehistoric Europe (številka: 37, 2010)
    Neolithic anthropocentrism (številka: 37, 2010)
    Zgornje Radvanje, cluster 10 (številka: 37, 2010)
    Messing with the dead (številka: 37, 2010)
    The representation of phalli in neolithic Thessaly, Greece (številka: 37, 2010)
    Mounds and rituals in the Jomon period (številka: 37, 2010)
    The manipulation of death (številka: 37, 2010)
    Ceramics in the burial rites of the neolithic-early bronze age in the Ukrainian steppe (številka: 37, 2010)
    The archaeology of death (številka: 37, 2010)
    The way we bury our dead (številka: 37, 2010)
  14. 2011

    Anthropomorphic figurines from Vinča excavations 1998-2009 (številka: 38, 2011)
    Late neolithic cultural elements from the Danube and Carpathian regions of Precucuteni - Trypillia A culture (številka: 38, 2011)
    Early neolithic settlement patterns and exchange networks in the Aegean (številka: 38, 2011)
    A glimpse of human life from the neolithic cemetery at Tell el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria (številka: 38, 2011)
    Different ways of using space (številka: 38, 2011)
    What can bodies do? (številka: 38, 2011)
    Karahan Tepe (številka: 38, 2011)
    A new approach to the problem of the neolithisation of the North-Pontic area (številka: 38, 2011)
    Architecture of Lasinja culture settlements in the light of new investigations in northern Croatia (številka: 38, 2011)
    Adaptation of settlement strategies to environmental conditions in southern Slovakia in the neolithic and eneolithic (številka: 38, 2011)
    O-pi e-de-i (številka: 38, 2011)
    The petroglyphs of Dowzdaghi, northwestern Iran (številka: 38, 2011)
    Burial practices at the mesolithic-neolithic transition in Britain (številka: 38, 2011)
    Burial practices and social complexity (številka: 38, 2011)
    Ein Qedem 2 (številka: 38, 2011)
    The absolute chronology of east Chia Sabz (številka: 38, 2011)
    Mr. Blademan (številka: 38, 2011)
    Concepts of probability in radiocarbon analysis (številka: 38, 2011)
    An exercise in archaeological demography (številka: 38, 2011)
    In search of past identities (številka: 38, 2011)
    Can we reconcile individualisation with relational personhood? (številka: 38, 2011)
    Arrangement of Vinča culture figurines (številka: 38, 2011)
    Figurines in Pietrele (številka: 38, 2011)
    The "disappearance" of Trypillia culture (številka: 38, 2011)
    Time and palaeoenvironment in the neolithisation of the Povolzhye forest-steppe (številka: 38, 2011)
    Water and fire as transformation elements in ritual deposits of the Scandinavian neolithic (številka: 38, 2011)
    Containers and grains (številka: 38, 2011)
    The supply system of siliceous rocks between the Drava, Sava and Danube rivers during the Starčevo culture (številka: 38, 2011)
    Marek Zvelebil (09.01.1952-07.07.2011) (številka: 38, 2011)
    Monte d'Accoddi and the end of the neolithic in Sardinia (Italy) (številka: 38, 2011)
  15. 2012

    Not meant to last (številka: 39, 2012)
    The white beauty - Starčevo culture jewellery (številka: 39, 2012)
    "Austronesian" and "Jomon" identities in the neolithic of the Ryukyu islands (številka: 39, 2012)
    "Skeuomorphs" (številka: 39, 2012)
    Indications of the presence of middle neolithic pottery kilns at Magoula imvrou pigadi, SW Thessaly, Grecce (številka: 39, 2012)
    Group identities in the central Balkan late neolithic (številka: 39, 2012)
    Pots and lipids (številka: 39, 2012)
    Another facet of man - red deer relationship in prehistory (številka: 39, 2012)
    14C calendar chronologies and cultural sequences in 5th millennium BC in Slovenia and neighbouring regions (številka: 39, 2012)
    New evidence of the neolithic period in west central Zagros (številka: 39, 2012)
    Alsónyék-Bátaszék (številka: 39, 2012)
    Towards reassessing the neolithisation process in western Iran (številka: 39, 2012)
    Creating identities in the mortuary arena of the Greek final neolithic (številka: 39, 2012)
    Neolithic flat-based pots from the Carnac mounds in the light of Cycladic "frying pans" (številka: 39, 2012)
    Plastic raw materials in neolithic pottery production (številka: 39, 2012)
    Emerging craft production and local identity (številka: 39, 2012)
    Gentes groups in the structure of neolithic cultures of the central Russian plain (številka: 39, 2012)
    Did shamans always play the drum? (številka: 39, 2012)
    Cattle to settle - bull to rule (številka: 39, 2012)
    Palaeolithic occupation of the Mehran plain in southwestern Iran (številka: 39, 2012)
    Social complexity and inequality in the late neolithic of the central Balkans (številka: 39, 2012)
    Place and identity (številka: 39, 2012)
    Periphery or land of cultural dynamics (številka: 39, 2012)
    The earliest appearance of domestical plant species and their origins on the western fringes of the Eurasian steppe (številka: 39, 2012)
    Stone age hunter-gatherer ceramics of North-eastern Europe (številka: 39, 2012)
    Man, animal or both? (številka: 39, 2012)
    A hoard of flint items from Verbicioara, Romania (številka: 39, 2012)
    Interpretative trajectories toward understanding personhoods in prehistory (številka: 39, 2012)
    Houses, pots and food (številka: 39, 2012)
    Early villages and prehistoric sites in the Abharroud basin, northwest of the Iranian central plateau (številka: 39, 2012)
    Models and scenarios of the neolithic in Central Europe (številka: 39, 2012)
    A technological study of Hassuna culture ceramics (Yarim tepe I settlement) (številka: 39, 2012)
    The system of local supply of stone tools in Amzabegovo-Vršnik culture from neolithic Macedonia (številka: 39, 2012)
    Personal ornaments, neolithic groups and social identities (številka: 39, 2012)
  16. 2013

    The necklace from the Strážnice in the Hodonín district (Czech republik) (številka: 40, 2013)
    A new look at old material (številka: 40, 2013)
    X-ray computed tomography investigations of Cucuteni ceramic statuettes (številka: 40, 2013)
    The beginnings of the prehistoric agriculture in the Russian far east (številka: 40, 2013)
    Towards configuring the neolithisation of Aegian Turkey (številka: 40, 2013)
    Socialn change at the end of the middle Jomon (številka: 40, 2013)
    Origin and contacts of people buried at the LBK graveyard at Kleinhadersdorf, Austria (številka: 40, 2013)
    Flesh or fish? (številka: 40, 2013)
    14C dates and stratigraphy (številka: 40, 2013)
    Managing raw materials in Vinča culture (številka: 40, 2013)
    Neolithic pots and potters in Europe (številka: 40, 2013)
    Navigating disciplinary challenges to global sustainability science (številka: 40, 2013)
    Transition to farming - transition to milk culture (številka: 40, 2013)
    Will the real specialist please stand up? (številka: 40, 2013)
    Pots and food (številka: 40, 2013)
    Lactase persistence and milk consumption in Europe (številka: 40, 2013)
    The problem of the neolithisation process chronology in Povolzhye (številka: 40, 2013)
    Interdisciplinary studies of the Cis-Ural neolithic (Upper Kama basin, lake Chashkinskoe) (številka: 40, 2013)
    New pre-pottery neolithic sites and cult centres in the Urfa region (številka: 40, 2013)
    Pietrele in the lower Danube region (številka: 40, 2013)
    The bioarchaeology of the neolitic transition (številka: 40, 2013)
    Deciphering later neolithic stamp seal imagery of northern Mesopotamia (številka: 40, 2013)
    The beginnings of dairying as practised by pastoralists in 'green' Saharan Africa in the 5th millennium BC (številka: 40, 2013)
    Neolithic and chalcolithic settlement patterns in central Moldavia (Romania) (številka: 40, 2013)
    The role of linear pottery houses in the process of neolithisation (številka: 40, 2013)
    Interdisciplinary research of the neolithic Volga-Kama pottery (številka: 40, 2013)
  17. 2014

  18. 2015

    Analysis of late mid-neolithic pottery illuminates the presence of a corded ware culture on the Baltic island of Gotland (številka: 42, 2015)
    Farmers' spatial behaviour, demographic density dependence and the spread of neolithic agriculture in Central Europe (številka: 42, 2015)
    First salt making in Europe (številka: 42, 2015)
    Identifying neolithic animal management practices in the Adriatic using stable isotopes (številka: 42, 2015)
    The oldest pottery in hunter-gatherer communities and models of neolithisation of Eastern Europe (številka: 42, 2015)
    New neolithic cult centres and domestic settlements in the light of Urfa region surveys (številka: 42, 2015)
    Salt exploitation in the later prehistory of the Carpathian basin (številka: 42, 2015)
    Pottery from the Volga area in the Samara and south Urals region from eneolithic to early bronze age (številka: 42, 2015)
    Vessel guardians (številka: 42, 2015)
    The origins of pottery in East Asia (številka: 42, 2015)
    The beginnings of salt exploitation in the Carpathian basin (6th-5th millennium BC) (številka: 42, 2015)
    Modelling the initial expansion of the neolithic ot of Anatolia (številka: 42, 2015)
    Cultural and demic diffusion of first farmers, herders, and their innovations across Eurasia (številka: 42, 2015)
    The origin of farming in the lower Volga region (številka: 42, 2015)
    Forms, function, and use of early eneolithic pottery and settlement structures from Zgornje Radvanje, Slovenia (številka: 42, 2015)
    The origins of agriculture in Iberia (številka: 42, 2015)
    The 8200 calBP climate event and the spread of the neolithic in Eastern Europe (številka: 42, 2015)
    Foodways architecture (številka: 42, 2015)
    Preceramic, aceramic or early ceramic? (številka: 42, 2015)
    Archaeology and rapid climate changes (številka: 42, 2015)
    Archaeological culture, please meet yoghurt culture (številka: 42, 2015)
    Fifth and fourth millennium BC in north-western Iran (številka: 42, 2015)
    Hard water and old food (številka: 42, 2015)
    Some remarks on the cognitive impact of metallurgical development in promoting numerical and metrological abstraction in Europe (številka: 42, 2015)
    Neolithic ceramic spoons - indicators of dietary distinctiveness in the eastern Adriatic neolithic? (številka: 42, 2015)
  19. 2016

    letnik: 43 (2016)
    Landscape construction and time reckoning in iron age Celtic Iberia (številka: 43, 2016)
    Tools tell tales (številka: 43, 2016)
    Tell communities and wetlands in neolithic Pelagonia, Republic of Macedonia (številka: 43, 2016)
    A small-scale cult centre in Southeast Turkey (številka: 43, 2016)
    Function and behaviour (številka: 43, 2016)
    A Vinča potscape (številka: 43, 2016)
    Marine shell hoard from the late neolithic site of Čepin-Ovčara (Slavonia, Croatia) (številka: 43, 2016)
    What is a lunar standstill III? (številka: 43, 2016)
    Keep on walking (številka: 43, 2016)
    New theoretical discourses in the discussion of the neolithisation processin South Scandinavia during the late 5th and aearly 4th millennium BC (številka: 43, 2016)
    The swan chariot of a solar deity (številka: 43, 2016)
    The power of the dead in neolithic landscapes (številka: 43, 2016)
    Archery by the Apaches (številka: 43, 2016)
    Comparing different sampling methods in order to reconstruct plant economies at the eneolithic lake dwelling site Stare gmajne, Slovenia (številka: 43, 2016)
    Neolithisation of Sava-Drava-Danube interfluve at the end of the 6600-6000 BC period of rapid climate change (številka: 43, 2016)
    Diversity and homogeneity among the early farming communities of western Anatolia (številka: 43, 2016)
    Genomic approaches and their contributions to understanding the European neolithisation (številka: 43, 2016)
    Reconstructuring late neolithic plant economies at the eastern Adriatic site of Velištak (5th millennium cal BC) (številka: 43, 2016)
    The exploitation of animal resources in Şoimuş-La Avicola (ferma 2) settlement (Romania) (številka: 43, 2016)
    Initial stages of two neolithisation models in the lower Volga basin (številka: 43, 2016)
    An experimental case of wood-working use-wear on quartzite artefacts (številka: 43, 2016)
    Neolithisation in the NE Sea of Azov region (številka: 43, 2016)
    A network of the steppe and forest steppe along the Prut and lower Danube rivers during the 6th millennium BC (številka: 43, 2016)
    Becoming sedentary? (številka: 43, 2016)
    Neolithisation of technology (številka: 43, 2016)
    A social perspective on the neolithic in western Iran (številka: 43, 2016)
    Ceramics among Eurasian hunter-gatherers (številka: 43, 2016)
    The Cretan mesolithic in context (številka: 43, 2016)
  20. 2017

    letnik: 44 (2017)
    Introduction to the absolute chronology of neolithic cultures in Eastern Europe (številka: 44, 2017)
    Periodisation of the neolithic and radiocarbon chronology of the early neolithic and the beginning of the middle neolithic in Finland (številka: 44, 2017)
    Chronology of neolithic sites in the forest-steppe area of the Don river (številka: 44, 2017)
    The past in the past in the mortuary practise of hunter-gatherers (številka: 44, 2017)
    Niche construction and theory of agricultural origins (številka: 44, 2017)
    Radiocarbon chronology og the neolithic in the Povolzhye (Russian eastern Europe) (številka: 44, 2017)
    Radiocarbon chronology of the neolithic-eneolithic period in the Karelian Republic (Russia) (številka: 44, 2017)
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  24. 2021