Beautiful Missal from Slavina Digitised
A number of people wrote the manuscript in different handwritings. It has eight beautiful initials, one of which is threadlike, the rest are painted in the South German style and are probably a work of a Stuchs master.
The content consists of masses for the holidays from Christmas to feast of Corpus Christi, consecration of the church, Gloria, Mary's Mass, Credo, canticles (Praefatio), Calendar, canon of the Mass, records on Saints holidays and name days, and records on the purchase of the missal.

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And Yet They Read Them - Banned Books in the Early Modern Age
During all periods, individuals and communities communicating their knowledge, findings, ideas, principles and visions encountered forces that wanted to control, direct and limit the flow of knowledge and ideas through various pressures: they demanded changes in texts, confiscated and burned books, and in some cases, also convicted, extradited and executed the authors of books. Irrespective of various rigorous censorship policies and lists of illicit literature, readers had always found the way to disputed books.
The exhibition And Yet They Read Them to be seen from July 17 to September 15, is a joint project of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) and NUK. It represents the background, structure, significance and history of the Pope's index and other censorship lists. On view are selected works from the NUK collection, in the past marked as religiously, morally or politically controversial, thus put on the censorship lists.
Most of the exhibited books are also available on the dLib.si portal in a special digital collection.

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