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Togo: izgradnja radiotelegrafske postaje v Kamini

Barona Codellija je avstrijska vojna mornarica zaradi njegovih izumov na področju elektrotehnike določila za graditelja radijskega oddajnika za zvezo med ladjami na Jadranu in Dunajem. Radijski oddajnik je bil postavljen v tedanji realki na Vegovi ulici v Ljubljani.  več
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Digitalna zakladnica
Gratae posteritati (to our beloved descendants)
The Ivan Potrč Public Library contributed to the Digital Library the work Gratae posteritati from 1560; it is one of seven autobiographical works of eminent diplomat Žiga Herberstein, the most famous member of the Herberstein family. Compared with the first edition of this work in 1558, this one is more extensive, attractive and more richly illustrated. Hand-coloured prints with images of nine rulers of the time, the Herberstein coat-of-arms and six portraits of Žiga Herberstein give a special charm to the book. The copy from Ptuj is one of the few preserved coloured copies in the world; it is especially valuable because it comes from the library of the Counts of Herberstein, who were the owners of the Ptuj castle from 1873 to 1945. The digital version of the GRATAE POSTERITATI is also available on the Digital Library of Slovenia portal.
Materials and geoenvironment
The journal Materials and Geoenvironment (RMZ - Materiali in geookolje) was first published in 1952 as a collection of scientific papers. In 1998 it was renamed RMZ- M&G Journal; it is published quarterly. The articles cover subjects of mining, geotechnology, materials, metallurgy, geology and geoenvironment. It is published by the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the Institute for Mining, Geotechnology and Environment.
For biologists and nature lovers
You can read the bulletin named Trdoživ published by field biologists and nature lovers. The publication brings a wide range of information about works of Slovenian field biology associations. The paper publishes a wide range of attractions and news about admiration, research and preservation of the Slovenian flora and fauna as well as various other contributions, such as literature reviews, travel diaries and contributions presented at scientific and technical meetings.
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