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Togo: izgradnja radiotelegrafske postaje v Kamini

Barona Codellija je avstrijska vojna mornarica zaradi njegovih izumov na področju elektrotehnike določila za graditelja radijskega oddajnika za zvezo med ladjami na Jadranu in Dunajem. Radijski oddajnik je bil postavljen v tedanji realki na Vegovi ulici v Ljubljani.  več
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Slovenščina 2.0
Slovenščina 2.0: empirical, applied and interdisciplinary researches is an online linguistic journal of the Trojina Institute for Applied Slovene Studies. As a scientific journal, Slovenščina 2.0 gathers information and technology experts and linguists; its goal is to fill the gap between theoretical and interdisciplinary, mainly language-technological researches of the modern Slovene language. The journal was founded in 2004, the main reason were exciting developments in the fields of language digitalization, digital humanities, modern language resources, technologies and their role in researches. The Digital Library of Slovenia welcomes such efforts being important for the profession.
IRT 3000 magazine
The content of the IRT 3000 Magazine is focusing on innovation, development and technologies of the industry, production, logistics and other issues. Its articles deal with professional and popular science issues, reports from international exhibitions, meetings and professional seminars, conferences and other events that promote and encourage innovation, development and transfer of technology. The journal is published every two months.
Šent magazine
Šent - Slovenian Association for Mental Health has been publishing its bulletin since 1995; since last year, it is available in digital form, and consequently on our portal. Its goal is to present activities of the association. The articles are written by its members from all parts of Slovenia: they publish their poems, columns, reflections and photos, and they also write about their gatherings.
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